Feel better.

About Me

I recently became a new mom in June 2017! It's been the wildest ride and the best show on earth to watch him grow up. I now have so much respect for all parents everywhere! 

I enjoy crocheting blankets and baby things and any other weird and interesting projects I can get my hands on. And I play the piano and sing in a very newly formed band called Copper Boom! 

I started my journey as a massage therapist in 2009 and have been continually evolving personally and professionally. I have always been very good at finding the spots of tension but my approach has dramatically shifted from elbowing and shoving things back into place to gently holding a space for the body to find its way into alignment. Jamming things into place is faster and it provides immediate and temporary relief but my clients would be back the next week with the same problems. The Craniosacral Training opens up a different approach that was surprising at first. More and more I saw my clients respond better to a gentle touch. The benefit of letting the body find its way into alignment is that in that process you learn about why the body was in pain in the first place. From there you can make informed choices to avoid pain and discomfort in the future. In August 2018 I took the Somato Emotional Release class and experienced such a deep release of my own birth trauma. I knew that I had been strangled by the umbilical chord but I never knew how tied to my overall health and well being this experience was. After releasing the physical and emotional tension that was stuck in my body all of these years I have a totally different relationship to my body, myself, and everyone I know. I am now passionate and committed to helping others find relief for themselves.