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Quotes I have incorporated a weekly massage into my health regime for the last 16 years since a back injury. It?s hard to describe a typical massage by Christina except to say they are always GREAT! Her massages combine a growing knowledge of modalities with an innate talent to find and solve my body?s unique complexities. It is obvious she has a passion for her craft, a thirst for continued learning, and a sincere caring desire to help her clients to the best of her abilities. If you are looking for a professional massage of superior quality without the premium price, then I highly recommend you give Christina a try for yourself! Quotes
Mark :-)

Quotes If you get a massage by Christina, You will think that to heaven you've beena, She's skilled at her art, She uses her heart, In the healing world ring, She's a Champina! Quotes

Quotes A weekly massage has been part of my health care plan for over a decade. I have had 2 regular massage therapists, half of that time. In the interims I experienced many styles, dispositions, and environments. I had recently lost the ability to afford any massage for several months and was very sore. Christina has remedied my debilitated condition wonderfully. Her style is flexible and adaptive to my improving condition. Her studio is simple and Christina's attitude of service and love are truly a blessing. I am very happy to have found another therapist to see regularly. A regular therapist is quite a blessing. Thanks so much Christina! Quotes

Quotes I see Christy once a week. As a personal trainer, my muscles get the best of me, even when I'm not trying to work them! Christy digs right in and has helped me with neck tension, knee problems, and hip issues that I've had for years. She is a great therapist, really knows what she's doing and is a HUGE help to me. I tell her every time she's saving my life and always recommend her to my clients!! Quotes
Friend and Customer

Quotes Christina, Thanks for the absolutely marvelous massage. I've been receiving massages for about 15 years. Yours was the best I've ever had. Thank you very much. Quotes

Quotes I've been seeing Christina for about two months now and wether it's her great attitude to help you, her great suggestions of keeping the"pain" away or the massage itself I always feel better walking out than I did walking in. Christina takes the time to learn about you, your situations that cause you discomfort, assess the damage and start immediately with her special techniques and therapy to insure you get the best of the time you are with her. Being old, fat and unfit I feel Christina looks at me as someone who needs help and goes all out to take the time, her knowledge and her experience to make you feel better though massage therapy. I have never been to anyone else but have heard the stories of going in for certain pains in specific areas and walking out with just a light body massage with no concentration to the area of complaint. When you schedule time with Christina I am always confidant that my problem area is first on her list and that the money is well spent! Quotes
Always worth it to get a massage from Christina

Quotes Christina is very gifted. She utilizes many different techniques to provide the most effective massage I have ever had. Quickly identifies tightness and is serious about providing relief. Well run, professional operation. I'm a regular client now! Quotes
Jerry F.

Quotes It was a great experience. Very professional. It helped me reduce my muscle pain around the neck and minimize the headaches I was having. Quotes

Quotes The only thing I don't like about Christina's massage is that it has to end eventually. Quotes