Body Align LLC

Affordable Professional Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do sensual or tantric massage?

No, I don't.  This includes Nude Massage, Bikini Massage, or any other kind of non-therapeutic massage.  

What to expect before your massage begins:

When should I arrive?

I recommend you arrive at least five minutes before your massage, 10-15 for your first visit, to ensure we can begin on time. This gives us a chance to catch up, discuss problem areas and get into a relaxed mindset.

Do I have to get naked?

You will be led to a private room where I will leave you alone to undress to your comfort level while I wash my hands.  For most people this means wearing nothing.  I can work around any clothing you don't feel comfortable taking off and I'm comfortable if you want to be completely naked.  My primary concern here is YOUR comfort. 

During the Massage:

Do I have to talk?

I let the client set the tone in the massage room.  It is YOUR "me" time.  If you want to talk I would love to chit-chat with you.  If you want to just relax and be completely silent the whole time, I won't say a word.  It's up to you.

One of the great things about massage is that it allows you to forget about clocks and schedules. Try to relax and breathe deeply and regularly. Do not try to help the therapist in any way. For example when it is time for you to lift your arm, let it be lifted for you. Allow your body to be completely taken care of by the therapist. 

What kind of lotion/oils do you use?

I use a 99.5% natural relaxing oil blend that absorbs into the skin. It is a therapeutic-grade, nut-free oil that won't leave you feeling greasy or smelly.

What is your draping policy?

I can provide a sheet for full coverage or a pillowcase for partial coverage. It's up to you.

Is it going to hurt?

When I'm working on very tense muscles, it is normal for there to be some pain.  After a little while the pain should melt in to a wonderful feeling of release.  Please make sure to let me know if anything is uncomfortable or unbearably painful. 

I'm afraid I might get an erection.  What happens if I do?

One of the effects of massage is circulating the blood to the center of the body to be filtered and cycled through again.  This can result in an erection.  It has nothing to do with sexual arousal.  Sometimes, men are anxious about getting a massage because they are afraid that they won't be able to control themselves and an erection will happen.  I usually ignore erections, so just relax and enjoy the massage.  I do not ignore inappropriate behavior.

After the Massage:

Don't feel like you need to get up and get out right away.  Enjoy how your body feels for a moment.  Stretch out and take your time getting up. 

Should I leave a tip?

Tips are always welcome, but not required.  I think a good rule of thumb for tipping is, pay what you think the massage was worth.  If you think my prices are lower than the value of my massage then adjust the price accordingly.